Scrappy Pumpkin Table Runner Tutorial

It's finally Fall! Time to get out the Fall decorations and pumpkin everything. That means the Scrappy Pumpkin table runner is going back on my kitchen table until the Christmas decorations come out.

I started making the first Scrappy Pumpkin table runner in 2012. I shared progress shots and the finished project on social media and received a lot of requests for a pattern or tutorial. It took me a year, but I made a second table runner and photographed the steps. It has been my most popular tutorial so far, and I am thrilled that so many people have downloaded the tutorial and made the table runner for their own homes or for gifts.

For the last couple of years I had thought about remaking the runner with newer fabrics and taking all new pictures since my pattern writing and picture editing software have improved tremendously since 2013. However, Fall is here and I have been getting a lot of requests for the tutorial. Maybe some day I'll update the fabrics and photos but for now I've just decided to leave it as is.

I also decided to post it here as a freebie for everyone. Hooray for Fall AND freebies!! You can download a free pdf of the tutorial on the "Tutorials" tab at the top of the site. I hope you enjoy making your own Scrappy Pumpkin table runner.

The Scrappy Pumpkin Table Runner tutorial was originally published on the My Stitch Story blog in 2013, and then in the Angela Tackett Designs pattern shop on Craftsy. The content of both sites were owned and managed by Angela Tackett.

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