Design Inspiration and Loft Pattern Release

The Loft quilt pattern is being released tomorrow and I really wanted to share the crazy, but normal in my head, way that the design inspiration for Loft transpired.

Where do you find inspiration?

Have you ever traveled along a rural stretch of highway at night and seen all of the warm lights glowing from the windows of the houses?  Did you wonder what was going on in those houses?  Are they watching tv, reading in front of the fireplace, or just relaxing on a comfy couch with a quilt listening to absolutely nothing?  No?  Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always been fascinated with where people live, their houses, what they look like inside, and sometimes I make up little stories in my head about occupants and houses that I find particularly interesting.

This strange curiosity is how the initial design inspiration for what became the Loft quilt started.  We were traveling on the outskirts of NYC several years ago, stuck in traffic as usual, and I was pondering what all of the people in the hundreds of brick apartment buildings were like.  Were they at work?  Were they on the subway or on a bus on their way home?  That’s when I really started studying all of the fire escapes and all of the angles and patterns they made on the buildings.  Some had ladders that didn’t drop all the way to the next landing or to the ground.  Others looked like they didn’t have ladders or steps at all.  I did a rough sketch in my pad with some notes to remind myself of the moment and then forgot about it.

Find inspiration in every day things.  Always carry a pencil and paper for a quick reminder sketch.

Fast forward to doing some market sewing in a certain very talented someone’s studio last Spring when I was admiring the great lofts and possibly planning on putting a mattress and a bookshelf in one of them.  As I sat there thinking about the disaster of me rolling out of my comfy loft nest and splatting on the white wood floors it hit me.  I remembered the sketch from a few years earlier and it all fell in place.  I knew that the quilt needed to be ladders to get up in those wonderful lofts.  Of course rails would also be essential to keep me from rolling out onto the floor.

About Loft

That’s the round about way that Loft came to be what it is today.  I am so excited about how the content of this pattern.  The goal was to create a pattern that is not only beginner friendly but also fat eighth friendly, and Loft is definitely both. 

Here are few of the highlights of the Loft pattern:

  • made from three different blocks that have their own page with cutting chart, written instructions, and illustrations for assembly
  • blocks are color coded throughout the pattern so you will know exactly where they fit in your quilt
  • three quilt sizes with color coded layout illustrations that include the number of each block needed for that size
  • blank coloring pages for each quilt size
  • easily customizable for a smaller or larger quilt
folded Loft quilt top made using Sun Prints 2016

The pattern will be available as a PDF download in the shop tomorrow (Friday, April 7th).  Use the special coupon code “LoftNest” to take  $2.00 off the purchase of the Loft pattern.  Coupon code good Friday, April 7th through Sunday, April 9th at midnight (eastern).

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