Friday Freebies To Do List

Friday Freebies Printable To Do List

Hooray for Friday and freebies!  Are you a list maker?  Or a "lists" maker like me and so many others?  Do you know where your lists are or even look at them after you make them?

I don't know about you but I can't stand one long never ending to do list.  It's overwhelming and at times so frustrating that I hide it under something so I don't have to see it.  That kinda defeats the whole purpose of having a to do list doesn't it?  The solution?  Make a list for the different areas of your life ie: crafting, shopping, housework, errands, etc.  You can prioritize not only the individual tasks on the to do list but you can prioritize the actual to do lists themselves.  This makes the to dos and life more manageable and in the end might help you see that you actually did accomplish more than what's reflected on that one big to do list.  

This colorful and motivational to do list can help keep your creative tasks (or any task you want to use it for) organized.  Print it on letter size paper and keep it on a clipboard or in a binder at your work area.  You can also choose the printer option that matches your planner or journal size.  The check boxes make it convenient to mark off your daily accomplishments and to keep track of ones that may need a little more time.

I hope you find it useful and inspirational as you craft your way through those new projects, wips, and ufos.  You can find the download here.

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Happy list making, friends!

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